Walking on the beach, I watched seagulls take off – always running towards the ocean. We often mistake predictability for trust. We often think that trust means – we can count on a person to behave in a certain way. ….. Trust doesn’t know predictability, it doesn’t count. Trust does not focus on any outer circumstance, event, thing, person – trust rests within itself.

Winter Solstice

I love this time of the year. Always makes me feel like a wheat kernel that after the sun warmed it and the wind brushed through the fields rocking it like a baby in a cradle, fell into the warm lap of mother earth and was swallowed into the moist soil - resting in a fetal position, slowly being shredded and falling deeper and deeper into darkness. Almost like I sink into the very center of the earth. And when the days start to become longer again - I start to unfold, slowly newly born - all is new and all is old at the same time. I move away from the center of the earth towards the light and while having been shredded completely - I feel mysteriously nourished and whole.