Br. Martin Sahajananda USA 2016

Br. John Martin Sahajananda, a benedictine monk, was a close disciple of the late Bede Griffiths and is Bede's successor at Saccidananda Ashram in Tamil Nadu, India. Following the foot prints of the founders of Shantivanam, he is deeply involved in the inter-religious studies particularly between Hinduism and Christianity.
His passion is the inter-religious dialog and harmony; his vision sees the message of Christ as an invitation to all of humanity, independent of religion, to Unity, Peace and Freedom.
Br. Martin's teachings open a gate into a profound and fruitful understanding of the marriage of East and West, Prophetic and Wisdom Traditions. He does so without negating what is original to each religion, but rather by understanding each religions challenges and strengths we are enabled to move beyond separation.

In May of 2016 Br. Martin visited the USA. During his month-long stay which lead him from Pennsylvania, to New York, Ohio and California - he spoke in churches, yoga studios, a jail, bookstore and gave two interviews. We were fortunate to record some of them. They are compiled on this page.

May his words touch you profoundly and open you more deeply to the experience of unity and freedom.