Thank you for sharing your blessings. Here are a few suggestions what different amounts can do for Ramalingam, Pavuja, Mary and Amirtharaj:

$10.00 - a good amount of bricks

$25.00 - your green energy pays for wood work

$50.00 - won't buy diamonds, but will buy stones to build a house

$75.00 - instead of running like sand through your fingers, let this amount pay for sand to build a house

$200.00 - will literally put a roof over a family

$500.00 - feed many families for weeks, by paying for all the wages to build one house

$1,000.00 - pay for the entire foundation of one house and a little more

$2,650.00 - gift an entire house and change life

.... or any amount that sounds right to you.


You could mail a check made out to Shantivanam Ashram to my home address: Iris Eisenlohr, 762 Summit Ave, Mill Valley, CA 94941 and I will deliver it to Br. Martin on Christmas Eve when I arrive in Shantivanam. Or you could transfer money via Paypal to me. Br. Martin will be able to access the money, because we have set up a way to make this possible. If you send this money to me as a friend, Paypal does not charge any fees! My Paypal email address is

Please email me or call (650) 704-6448, if you have any questions. Or if you want to reach out to Br. Martin with questions do that too.